Gathered Voices has been created to provide a space where people who have felt excluded can have a voice. This site has been set up primarily for people who have been exploited through prostitution or sex trafficking so that they can tell their story through a variety of mediums.

We have deliberately made this space a place for creativity and this site will develop as people gather to raise their voice.

Gathered Voices has been shaped by the following considerations:

  • Firstly, we believe that every person is of equal value no matter what label society places upon them.
  • Secondly, we believe everyone has the right to have a voice and to be heard.
  • Thirdly, we believe creativity is essential to humankind and seek to provide a global gallery for this to be expressed.
  • Fourthly, we believe all our lives can be enriched when we stop, listen and hear these voices.

Gathered Voices is intended to be a safe space where people can anonymously tell their story without experiencing judgement. We have tried where possible to reduce censorship as we are trying to encourage and not control the contributor’s voices. Many of the contributors to this site will have experienced horrific abuse in the past and are still processing how they feel and how to express this. Please can we ask you to bear this in mind if any content does offend and to read beyond the actual words used.

Gathered Voices is an initiative of Beyond the Streets .